Stress Workouts… (english edition)

Geoff Neupert is a great guy. I know him from his blog and we already had a skypesession where he advised me regarding my diet. I can only encourage you to read his great books The Kettlebell Muscle and the eBook The Kettlebell Burn if you don't know them. Great books.

Another great thing, this man has to offer is his blog where you can get tons of knowledge and good advice. Yesterday I read a new post at his blog and I must add a link to it and add some sidenotes:

Chasing Strength - Holiday Stress KB Workouts

This is a great foundation and you can add many other thing to it if you like.

Of course you can stick to these programs and will get good results, but what about some additional ideas:

Do the 5 days of ten minutes of swings and add some pushup/pullup routine to it. Let's start with 5 of them on monday, 7 on wednesday, 9 on friday. Add one or two additional reps per workout to the next week. So the progression could look like this: (5,7,9,7,9,11,9,11,13,11,13,15...). Now don't tell me your physical preparedness will not improve this way? And please don't tell me that a bunch of pushes and pulls after the swings can are not in your timeframe. You could also add these few additional movements inside the short breaks of Supernatural, Buffy - The Vampireslyer, Tru Blood or whatever you are watching in the evening.

Template two is a simple idea generator, and you should get something out of it without my additional comments. If not, you need a coach, no doubt about it.

If you search for a free perfect workout for strength & conditioning I would recommend that you start with template 3, exchange swings with snatches (you should know how to do them, of course!) and combine this burner with a strengthprogram like stronglifts 5x5 (Please find a way around doing C&P at the same day as barbell overhead pressing or something like that, otherwise you could end up at your first plateau very soon).

That's it. A great post from a great coach leads to more and more ideas. Thanks Geoff, I will continue to read you...