Learn the Combat Kettle Jitsu method in Hamburg

Today I have to make a special announcement:

Joey Alvarado and me share thoughts for many months and I really like the stuff he invented. His method is called Combat Kettle Jitsu and is an awesome method to get in shape. While it is optimized for MMA-fighters and martial artists it is also a great method train everyday people. But see what Joey has to tell you about it:

And make sure to read this article!

Joey and me want to give you the opportunity to learn this method here in Hamburg, Germany. That is while we are planning the first german kettle jitsu certification at November 10th & 11th, 2012 (In english language of course!). Do not miss this chance to train with a former mma competitor that has helped several great fighters to win their matches. For pricing (It is not that expensive!!!) and dates please contact us as soon as possible. 10 seats have to be filled to make this thing happen. Please make sure you can attend, because we have to pay the tickets and so much more.

We will not be able to give you any money back if you can't make it.