Kettle-Jitsu Trainer Certification 2012

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Kettlebells Hamburg presents Joey Alvarado's Kettle-Jitsu Trainer certification in Hamburg, Germany 2012

Joey Alvarado's Combat Kettlebell System (Kettle-Jitsu) is based on his personal experiences as a professional MMA-Fighter and former Cage Of Fire Lightweight Champion.Today he uses this training concept to prepare his teammembers for their fights. strength, conditioning and fatloss will be improved with this trainingmethod at the same time.

Jared "The Jackhammer" Papazian

Jared "The Jackhammer" Papazian - UFC bantam weight, KOTC world champion

Not only fighters benefit from this outstanding concept. At SoCal MMA (Joey's gym) also everyday people train the Kettle-Jitsu way. Their goals are different. Fatloss, muscle gains, flexibility or conditioning... The solution is always Kettle-Jitsu.

Veronica Vargas lost over 40 pounds!

Veronica Vargas lost over 40 pounds!

When: Sat November 17th and Sunday November 18th, both days starting at 9 o'clock in the morning.

Wehre: X-ess Sport- und Fitness - Oehleckerring 13 - 22419 Hamburg, Germany

Fee: 350 EUR (until October 17th) or full price 450 EUR
(The fee has to be paid by PayPal. You will find a button at Joey's webpage (LINK). No PayPal? You can pay by banktransfer or in cash (Please contact us immediately)).

Space is limited. You are only signed up, after paying your fee!


I am not a kettlebell expert. Can I still join?
Of course. Joey will cover the basics and build up your skills. We highly recommend to join a class before the event to prepare a bit for the kettlebell basics.

Will I be tested at the cert?
We test your abilities to teach and to show and perform the exercises throughout both days. A kettle-jitsu coach has to show solid skills in each movement.

Can I pay the fee at day one of the seminar?
Please pay directly and do not wait until day 1 of the cert. Otherwise you are not signed up and we can not guarantee that you will be able to join us.

Additional questions will be added soon. Please feel free to use our contact form for any requests you might have...

Here you can find our facebook event page.