Friends, Partners, Links…

The list grows, bigger and better. I will update it more. Rightnow I have decided to offer it in english, for my international friends.



My friend Nico Rithner's page.


My brother Joay Alvarado's gym in the US! Founder of Combat Kettle Jitsu!

Ultimate Sandbag

I had the pleasure to get coached by several great coaches. One of them is definitely Josh Henkin. He and his total concept have influenced my approach on Program design, training, assistant drills and many things more. The sandbag is an awesome tool besides kettlebells, clubs and anything else you might want to add to your training.

Trias-Athletik (DanHan)

Daniel is a good friend of mine. The page is german, but the content is real nice.

YouTube Channels you shouldn't miss:

IKFF / Steve Cotter
Kettlebell Systema / Coach Kanygin

Mike Mahler
Ultimate Sandbags
World Kettlebell Club

Good stuff:

Alex Zinchenko's Rough Strength

AthletiX Fitness

The gym of my good ol' friend Darius Kubajka. The kettlebell jedi from Düsseldorf!


Awesome stuff about bodyweight training.

Brooks Kubik

Dinosaur Training is probably one of the best books ever written about strength training. Brooks has also written many other great books. Also enjoy his Blog, here!

Combat Kettlebell Systems (Kettle Jitsu)

Joey Alvarado has developed a Kettlebell System for fighters. Awesome stuff, from a great coach.

Dan John

Dan John is one of the most respected Coaches for strength and conditioning. He also offers some great books.



Gee Training


Gym Jones

Ido Portal

Intermittent fasting


Jim Wendler - 5/3/1 and a lot of good stuff for strength and power!

Kettlebells Barcelona

Kettlebell 24

Kettlebell Lifting Schweiz

Kettlebell Systema

Kettlebell Systema University

Mike Mahler - One of the guys I trust most! His site gets better and better!

Mobility WOD

My Mad Methods


Oldtime Strongmen




Steve Maxwell

Strength Standards

Superstrength Training


Thierry Sanchez

Westside Barbell